Who to Write an Authors Note Case in point Essay

Writers note

Intended for my stock portfolio the two minimal assignments that I decided to placed in were my own argumentative paragraph on the play Macbeth, and my personal terminology and books essay. Difficulties piece of work that I have put in the portfolio is my Macbeth essay. The reason I chose these kinds of pieces was because these people were the three that I feel were the most interesting, two which i had the very best success about, and one which I had trouble on. The piece of work which i did the very best on was my Macbeth essay. I actually achieved the goal that we had established for me personally to obtain, which was a 70% within the essay. I feel that the reason I used to be able to accomplish my objective was since I was able to explain my own points very well and I did not wait for the last minute to complete the essay. The key reason why I decided to place my personal terminology and literature essay in was since it was my personal first grade 11 university essay and it was also my most detrimental. By doing this article I realized that I cannot keep all my work to the last second because We are unable to find the piece edited, my tag showed this kind of. The last piece of work that is during my portfolio can be my argumentative paragraph on the play Macbeth. I decided that will put this piece of content into my portfolio because I feel Used to do alright on the assignment, yet I had a chance to do better.

Throughout my grade 14 English course I have discovered a great deal with what I need to turn more and what I have already increased on over the semester. The writing skill I need to turn most is my spelling and sentence structure. On all my essays I have become the same review, which usually goes something along the lines of " need to know more editing” or " need to know more proofing”. Based on this I believe that to obtain a higher tag in my grade 12 British class the coming year I must do that better. One other part that I need to turn is remaining in the present tense. This was an additional comment on most of my works, whether it absolutely was by my teacher, or maybe a student croping and editing my essay. I have problems staying in the...