Essay regarding Western Art Music -- Secular music of the middle ages



American Art Music ( MUF106 )

LECTURER: Prof. Madya Hanizah Hj. Musib



TRAINING COURSE: MUF106 - Western fine art music

TITLE: Secular Music in the Middle Age range

Secular music is nonreligious music. Luxurious means worldly. Secular music developed in the Medieval period and was used in the Renaissance. High-end music in the Middle Ages included love tunes, dances, and dramatic performs. This music was not bound by the practices of the Chapel, nor was it possibly written straight down for the first time till sometime following your tenth 100 years. Hundreds of these kinds of songs had been created and performed and finally notated simply by bands of musicians growing across The european countries during the 12th and thirteenth centuries, the most famous of which were the French trouvГЁres and troubadours. The monophonic melodies of these musicians, that may have been added improvised accompaniments, were often rhythmically lively. The subject of the overwhelming most these music is appreciate. Most of that are performed by simply wandering minstrels.

Instruments almost certainly used in secular music throughout the middle ages may include drums, harps, recorders, and bagpipes were the musical instruments used in seglar music because they were simple for the vacationing musicians to tote about. Instruments were taught through oral tradition and offered great grooving music and accompanied the stanzas very well.

There are many composers which composed secular music. These composers were generally known as Troubadours and trouveres. They can be French hobereau. Among the best well-known of these poet-musicians are had been the troubadour Guillaume IX, duke of Aquitain, coming from southern Portugal. As well as trouvere, Chastelain de Couci, coming from northern England. Not all had been men, Beatriz de Dia was a troubadour who resolved songs to men.

An complex about one of the composers, Guillaume de Machaut was born regarding 1300 and Died in 1377, he was famous as being a musician and a poet, An avant...