Essay regarding Spectrum Brands



-Remington leader on waxing and personal maintenance systems generates global revenue of US$350 million with almost 8 sales representatives assigned to specific merchants.

-United/Nu-Gro leaders in the lawn and garden treatment with sales US$550 million and pest control products with product sales US$150 mil, target consumers who desire identical products with lower prices than premium-prices.

-Distributors give same solutions than an internal sales force can and are responsible for the sales in the varied geographical places of family pet retailer markets.


-Spectrum through Rayovac have been capable to secure space shelf space in a small quantity of retailers whilst competitors gain market share through greater control of distribution channels, retailers, and costs.

-The United/Nu-Gro specialist division has its dedicated sales force that makes a lack and dependency upon sales reps expertise.

-The landscaping care, insect control and pet food industries Range is in will vary seasons the fact that new sales force must stability.


-The sales force by competitors presents retail special discounts and marketing discounts to retailers, distributors and bulk suppliers creating a competitive advantage that Spectrum may well add as value to its fresh sales force. -A restructured salesforce can give attention to the revenue growth with greater benefits for the corporation

-Room pertaining to greater full presence by offering product discounts and thieving market share via competition in the event the sales costs are better managed. Dangers

-That the newest sales force would end up performing significant replication of attempts if product sales reps could call same retailers as well.

-An ineffective selection process from the new salesforce could disrupt the growth momentum of Spectrum's individual brands and the human relationships with merchants, wholesalers and customers. Competitors get the benefit. -The revenue in the lawn and garden division might be a...