Essay about V. H. Ramachandran

Ahmad Alkadhim


Small Assignment #3


V. S. Ramachandran, in his TED talk entitled " Three Clues to Understanding Your Brain, ” says that we can easily better appreciate and learn about the capabilities of our human brain by learning patients who have suffered problems for a small location on their mind. The first example he uses to compliment his thought is the Capgras delusion. Folks who suffer from this kind of syndrome have zero emotions after they see some thing of importance to them. For instance , when a common human being sees their very own mother, they will get some type of emotional response but a person with Capgras misconception won't receive any response and even negate the fact that it can be their mother. The cause of this is due to the fact that the bond between the image areas and emotional centers is minimize. His second example is definitely his experiments with patients who have a syndrome known as phantom arm or leg and encounter paralysis and pain in their phantom arm or leg. What this individual found out was your paralysis in his patients' phantom limbs were actually discovered because before the patients had their limbs amputated, all their limbs were paralyzed and the brain was sending communications to move nonetheless it would get visually messages the fact that limb was not moving; as a result the learned paralysis can have carried to the phantom limb. What he performed to get rid of his patients' from phantom limb and the paralysis was put an image reflecting their particular adjacent limb and told them to move it around. What this does can be create a conflict between the eye-sight sensory and the muscles signals, so the mind just neglects them both making the phantom limb and pain go away. Then Ramachandran goes on to discuss synesthesia. Synesthesia is when a person hears a sound and associates a color to it or when a person sees a number and affiliates a color to that. He said this happens because the areas pertaining to color and the areas intended for sound are next to each other and they are born together. This individual also stated all of us are born with everything in the brain...