Urban Rebranding. Case Study -- El Raval, Barcelona Dissertation

Urban Rebranding – El Raval, Barcelona.

Before the 1950's the El Raval quarters of Barcelona located the tanning industry, but since deindustrialisation took hold towards the end of the 10 years many of the industrial facilities were left empty, almost all of the local citizens were kept unemployed and thus drug employ, crime and prostitution elevated hugely. As the area went into this get out of hand of decrease El Raval became well known for its poor image stopping any travel or migrants that had the potential to revive the spot. As a result the younger people of the place left with the intent of finding a more expensive of education and work, subsequently smaller, independent businesses vanished as a result of lack of investment and an ageing population. The areas picture became dirty and many building became derelict, cheap hostels started to load the streets, driving the prostitution and drug employ. By the the middle of 1980's the federal government tried to fracture down on the cheap hostels but with tiny success, in the mean time the most detrimental of the derelict building ended uphad been demolished to develop the La Rambla as well as the historical persona that could be saved was incorporated into the improvements. New innovations included a Police Station and other community buildings, the Museum of Contemporary Arts, scholar accommodation, the 4 Legend Barceló Rambla Hotel and 100 fresh houses.

Prior to visiting El Raval the options I used to analysis the area included: The Times On-line, La Cauce: from Spain's tourist destination to roadways of waste. Geofile Online, A Case Study of Rebranding – Un Raval, Barcelona. Paul Sheppard. Google Images/Flickr

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The outcome of the created a very negative picture but performed give me a concept as to what kind of fieldwork to complete. Fieldwork.

– Age of residents (economically active) and difference in rate of rebranding in North and South Este Raval. Involved standing in several locations for both North and Southern El...