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Topic: The United Land Transitional Authority of Cambodia

Case study: Cambodia Election in 1993

Subject matter: Government of Cambodia and Political

Professor: May Sam-Oeun

Group six members:

1 ) Ro VathanaksambathID 08549

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Term II 2009

Stand of Contents

1 . Introduction

2 . Items

2 . 1 Objectives

2 . 2 History and Goals

installment payments on your 3 Cambodian Election in 1993

installment payments on your 4 Disarmament

2 . your five Mine Measurement

2 . 6th Repatriation

installment payments on your 7 Rehabilitations

3. Discussion (Case Examine: Cambodian Election in 1993)

3. you Before election period

three or more. 2 Post Election period

3. a few Some advantages of UNTAC's presence

4. Bottom line and Recommendations

5. Referrals

1 . Advantages

UNTAC is short for came from " The United Nation Transition Authority of Cambodia. It was the Un peacekeeping procedure in Cambodia in 1992-1993.

UNTAC was placed in February 1992 in agreement with the Express of Cambodia, the sobre facto govt of the region at that time, to be able to implement the Paris Serenity Accords of October 1991.

UNTAC's aim was to restore peace and municipal government within a country ruined by years of detrimental war and Cold War machinations, to hold free and fair polls leading to a fresh constitution and to " kick-start" the treatment of the region.

The banner of Cambodia during

UNTAC Administation

An UNTAC peacekeeper in 93

2 . Material

1 . Aim

The objectives of my own research are:

- To offer an overview in UNTAC time

- To comprehend about the Cambodian political election on 1993

- To discover the ad vantage and disad vantage of the occurrence of UNTAC

2 . Background Goals

UNTAC involved 15, 900 armed service, 3, six hundred civilian law enforcement officials, 2, 500 civilians and 450 ALGUN Volunteers, and locally hired staff and interpreters.

UNTAC's aim was going to:

в†ђ Reestablish peace and civil government in a country

в†ђ Hold free and fair elections leading to a new constitution

в†ђ " kick-start" the treatment of the nation

During the objective, over US$ 1 . 6th billion was spent

a few. Cambodian political election in 1993

The Paris Deals entrusted UNTAC with organizing and carrying out free and fair elections in Cambodia in order to pick a government among the list of conflict celebrations in Cambodia. As stipulated in the agreement of the electoral law, which will had been published to SNC by UNTAC on one particular April 1992 and was adopted by SNC in August your five and enacted on doze August, one hundred twenty members of constitutional assembly will be selected out from the consequence of the selection basing upon Proportionate Representative system. This means that voting for political parties. Cambodian people, who have are 18 or over, is permitted vote according to voting right. Every one of the political celebrations who desired to stand for political election needed to signup at the UNTAC administration. Then simply, UNTAC acquired published checklist of Get together candidates in each of provinces enabling the people to find out. It is mentioned that there are more than 4. 7 millions Cambodian people experienced registered to vote. The process of registering got taken intended for 3 months via 5 March 1992 till 31 January 1993.

On next April 93, PDK declared that they wasn't able to attend the election because of his thought that all Vietnamese pressure still take up Cambodia and that the country was not neutral. Therefore , UNTAC could hardly access on the areas controlling by PDK ( Kampuchea Democratic Party). The number of people living there was clearly estimated in around your five % with the total.

The campaign commenced on seventh April 1993 where twenty political functions attended. PDK refused to participate....