Essay about Unit 204

Unit 204

Learning result 3

To understand just how groups happen to be formed and facilitated

Throughout this unit i obtained young people associated with the planning process step by step. Used to do this by basing each taster period on the participation and enjoyment of previous available access sessions. After each taster treatment I inquire young people involved to give some honest opinions so that things may be modified for long term sessions. Precisely what are the key principles of group work?

Crucial principles of group work are:




Positive operating relationships

Equal Opportunities

Promote person accountability

Experimental Learning


Exactly what are the stages of group development?

How are groups produced?

There are four stages of group expansion these are:

Forming (Stage 1) – This is where the group is, at this stage there is high reliance on the leader pertaining to guidance and direction. At this point individual tasks and duties are uncertain so leader must be willing to answer plenty of questions regarding the team's purpose.

Storming (Stage 2) – At this stage decisions will not likely come very easily within the group. Team members require positions although trying to build themselves with regards to other members of the staff and the head. Factions contact form and there may be power problems. At this stage the group will become focused on it is goals in order to avoid becoming diverted by relationships and mental issues.

Norming (Stage 3) – With this stage functions and duties are crystal clear and recognized, big decisions are made by a group arrangement. Normally the thing is smaller tasks getting delegated to many of these or little teams in the group. Determination within the group is solid; there will be an over-all respect pertaining to the leader at this point of group development.

Doing (Stage 4) – This can be the final stage, the team is somewhat more strategically aware; all people of the crew clearly know why they may be doing whatever task has been produced to all of them...