Essay regarding TRACHEOSTOMY CARE Handouts

TRACHEOSTOMY CARE made by: Leonel G. Lozada

What is a Tracheostomy?

A tracheostomy is an opening (made by an incision)

throughout the neck into the trachea (windpipe).

A tracheostomy opens the airway and aids breathing.

When is a tracheostomy considered?

Blockage of the oral cavity or can range f

Breathing difficulty caused by edema (swelling),

injury or pulmonary (lung) conditions

Throat reconstruction pursuing tracheal or perhaps laryngeal surgical treatment Airway protection from secretions or perhaps food due to

swallowing complications

Airway safety after neck and head surgery

Long-term need for ventilator (breathing machine) support

What exactly Tracheostomy tube?

A tracheostomy (trach) tube is a little tube placed

into the tracheostomy to keep the stoma (opening) obvious.

All trach tubes have an outer cannula (main shaft) and

a neck-plate (flange). The flange rests on the neck more than

the stoma (opening). Holes on each side in the neck-plate

enable you to insert trach tube connections to secure the trach conduit in place.

Purposes of Tracheostomy Attention:

Maintain airway patency

Enhance cleanliness

Stop infection

Prevent skin irritability

Tracheostomy Attention procedure:

1 ) Gather the needed supplies:

2 . Clean your hands completely with soap and water.

3. Placed on the mitts.

4. Suction the tracheostomy tube.

5. Eliminate the inner cannula.

6. Insert the fenestrated cannula.

7. Hold the internal cannula in the basin and pour the hydrogen peroxide over and with it. Use all the hydrogen peroxide as you ought to clean the inner cannula thoroughly. 8. Brush your inner cannula with pipe cleaners or maybe a small comb. 9. Thoroughly rinse the internal cannula with normal saline, tap water or distilled normal water. 10. Dried out the inside and out of doors of the inner cannula entirely with a clean 4 back button 4 good mesh gauze pad. 11. Reinsert the lining cannula and lock this in place.

12. Remove the soiled gauze dress up around the neck and throw it away. 13. Inspect the...