Essay about Toolwire Week 5

Title| Discerning the Difference Between Problems and Concerns

Assessment M, Part you: Email a Friend about the Issue/Problem of Interest|

The topic of substance abuse I see this as a difficulty. We all know that it is a problem that many adolescent happen to be abusing drugs but apparently we do not find to acknowledge a solution.

Examination B, Component 2: Email a Friend about the Issue/Problem of Interest|

I think the initial problem is that numerous of us have no idea the difference between a problem and an issue. We need to educate parents to learn how you can differentiate between problem and issue.

Analysis B, Component 3: Email a Friend regarding the Issue/Problem of Interest|

Programs need to teach parents on how to deal/talk for their kids about drug abuse. parents need to train kids regarding drug abuse.

Assessment A: Distinguishing Between an Issue and a Problem|

☐  Mostly issues -- people may have different thoughts on if the single strike could harm, much less you do not as in the commercial. ☑  It's a problem - I do believe most people could agree that the single make use of drugs could potentially be fatal.

☑  That is much too general.

☐  That is general.

☐  That is a bit specific.

☐  That can be way too certain.

☐  We need to just try every answer we can think of. Even if they will don't work, we'll make progress. ☐  We ought to try to change this problem in an issue. They are really easier to handle. ☑  We need to think of as many ways to express the condition as possible.

☑  At lunch? Not any - we need to do a lot more research and thinking about this. Otherwise, we all won't know if we are in reality focused on a solution or not. ☐  Sure! We just need to think about wherever we want to go long term with the ideas, even if we have no a specific answer in mind.

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