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1, CONSIDERING QUESTION (at Home/Individual)

Identify people you know who've been or are now managers. You should describe the nature of work that is done by the managers you know, then analyze these explanations and sort them in accordance to best managers or middle or perhaps first line managers My personal Answers

Costs Gates is among the most good entrepreneurs in the world. He is co-founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Microsoft Corporation - the world's leading provider of software for personal laptop, co-founder of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the most important charity on the globe. He is the world's third richest person seeing that 2008 (Forbes, 2012) and one of the 90 most powerfulk people in the world (Time Magazine). Bill Entrance is the living statue because of not only entrepreneur but also everybody in every over the world. To be a successful businessperson, Bill has some special qualities. Firstly, this individual has a very broad eye-sight. Since the 1st day he found out about his future use computer, Expenses has wished for " using a personal computer in each and every desk and Microsoft computer software for each each computer”. This individual built his Empire surrounding this vision and still continues focusing on it. Second, Bill is known as a person with high passionate. To follow his interest in computer system and application, he dared to drop away of studying in Harvard University, a famous university or college that every single student could have wanted to participate. His love is one of the good make him the wealthiest man on the planet. Bill is usually an cleverness person. That helped him to attain top rated position in the profession he selects. Furthermore, he can also very intellect to choose the method and possibility to be successes. He knows how to borrow the concept, or even labor force from opponents to perfect his product. The symbolized evidences are MS-DOS and Home windows.  Bill Gates isn't only intelligence nevertheless also a diligent man. In his college days and nights, he used to work every night on his computer. When Microsoft company was...