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DNS, Website name Service

is definitely an Internet Services is actually a hierarchical, tree structured identifying system roadmaps between domain space and IP address space distributed Net directory service mapping stored in global data source database distributed and delegated across millions of machines many Internet solutions rely on DNS to function translates Domain Name [from] ip address [to]


ip address [from] Domain Name [to]

service is definitely provided by

DNS Server

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Domain Name

locates an organisation or perhaps other enterprise on the Net domain names will be for human convenience, instead of machine-readable IP-addresses each domain name is made up of a series of character strings (labels) separated by dots: bond. edu. au.


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FQDN, Fully Qualified Domain Name

determines a unique Internet address for just about any host within the Internet contains hostname and domain-name, incl. top-level domain name example mri1. tuwien. ac. at


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Top Level Domain (TLDs)

identifies one of the most general part of the domain name in an Internet address TLD is either a universal top-level website (gTLD), including ”com”, or possibly a country code top-level domain (ccTLD), such as ”fr” inside every top-level domain there is a list of second-level domains responsibility for functioning each TLD is delegated


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gTLD, generic TLD

best known types are. org,. com,. net,. edu,. mil,. gov new generic TLDs:. info,. biz,. museum,.... website names in these TLDs can only end up being registered through ICANN-accredited registrars


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ccTLD, country-code TLD

TLDs with two letters (such as. para,. mx, and. jp) – established for over 240 countries and external territories – ISO 3166 can delivers regional-specific logos that a common generic TLD does not brief review common belief is that ccTLDs can only end up being assigned to Web sites literally located in the suffix nation – some countries include specific guidelines for who can register fields using their suffix and for what purposes


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Second Level Domain

second-level domain includes the top-level site, e. g. cnn. com. there can be replication across domain names; e. g. howstuffworks. com and howstuffworks. org will be completely different domains can be divided into further domain levels must be one of a kind and signed up with accredited companies


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DNS Client, Disponer

software within an application that formats needs to be delivered to the Domain Server to get hostname to Internet treat conversion customer program can be: e-mail, FTP client, http-client,... resolver must know the brand server it may use intended for converting URLs to IP addresses local name machine is either at ISP (for individuals) or in organization


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DNS Process

application protocol used to request resource data from brand server usual resource data lookups are done with UDP zone transactions – TCP must be used – transfer whole content of your zone among (usually among primary and secondary DNS server)


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DNS Server

welcomes requests by programs or from other term servers to convert domains into IP addresses, or perhaps back every name storage space has a set of all of the known root machines procedure once request occurs it can do one of 4 things: solution the request with an IP address by looking in its disparition – speak to another brand server (recursive) – go back IP address via another brand server to client (iterative) – go back an error concept because the expected domain name is usually invalid or does not are present

performs function

Zone Copy Iterative DNS Query Recursive DNS Issue


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DNS Databases

large allocated database – handling vast amounts of requests every single day through a network of countless name servers content is organized in zones areas contain exactly what is known about a domain...