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Beowulf Chapters 1-13

Questions intended for Discussion

Make sure you read Chapters 1 through 13 and answer the following questions intended for discussion. This will likely not be submitted or perhaps graded however it is important that you simply do the examining and be willing to discuss the questions. (Consider typing your notes directly on this doc. ) Be ready to discuss:

Section 6: Thurs night, 9/18

Sections 4 and 5: Fri, 9/19

Phase One:

In this phase we meet up with Grendel, the first of the monsters in Beowulf. He has a connection to the Biblical Cain: that is Cain? Describe the connection between your two. Cain murdered his brother Abel in the scriptures. Grendel is actually a descendant of Cain who had been evil as well, and made his home a hell in the world. Chapter Two:

How long really does Herot stay empty following Grendel's initial attack? What does this suggest to you about King Hrothgar and his guys? Herot remained empty to get 12 winters after Grendel' s initially attack. This shows that Full Hrothgar and his men had been very emotional about the deaths of their fellow males. Read lines 175 to the end of this chapter thoroughly. Explain just how these lines demonstrate the religious improvements going on in britain in the Anglo-Saxon period. This might sound like Catholicism is exchanging a polytheistic religion. Section Three:

Precisely what is Beowulf's status in the world?

Beowulf' h reputation is that he is more robust than any individual in the world plus the greatest of most Geats. Depending on this chapter alone, precisely what is Beowulf's cause of sailing to Hrothgar's empire? What does this kind of suggest to you about Beowulf's character? Beowulf' s explanation was to move and help the popular king. This shows that he could be brave and has a good heart. Phase 4:

At first, the Danish guard (in Chapter 3) is not too welcoming to Beowulf and his men although his attitude soon improvements. What qualities does Beowulf demonstrate in the speech which usually changes the guard's head? Beowulf implies that him great men are seeking the knight in shining armor. He as well tells the Danish guard that his father...