Essay regarding The Biological Approach To Psychopathology


Outline and evaluate the neurological approach to psychopathology (12 marks)

The biological approach can be widely used in diagnosing and treating mental illness. The idea suggests that mental illnesses take place due to a physical cause. Physical causes incorporate genetic inheritance, viruses, toxicity, physical stress for example a head harm or perhaps a great imbalance of hormones bought on by simply stress. These types of physical, external occurrences can distort thinking, emotion and behaviours in a few people. Research have shown links with psychological hindrance and natural changes in the body and human brain which suggests reasons behind abnormal behavior. Psychologists evaluate concordant prices in people to understand hereditary associations in mental health issues. The biological model states that gift of money of developing abnormality is a possible cause of psychopathology. It has been found that relatives of schizophrenics had been 18 instances more likely to develop the illness. The idea that attacks and malware can be the cause for a mental illness can be supported by a study on the man called Clive Using who had a 7 second memory duration after a fever blister spread to his human brain and infected his temporal lobe. It truly is found that environmental toxins and pastime drugs can cause problems pertaining to the health due to chemical poisoning. Smoking pot for example , can change neurology and cause behaviours that are associated with mental illnesses such as hallucinations and locura. Furthermore, biochemistry and biology establishes that an imbalance of certain neurotransmitters or human hormones (serotonin and dopamine) can result in parts of the mind to malfunction. The idea is a structured and rational system to get diagnosis and treatment and can be used basically than strictly assessing the patient's psychological disturbance. The model gives people a task and remedies that they are knowledgeable about, it is regular and usually recognized about. Patients can feel informed and trust in the process because it is...