Essay on The Legislation of Minimum Salary Can Increase the Living in the Lower Classes in Hong Kong

The laws of bare minimum wage may improve the living of the reduce classes in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the most wealthy Asian urban centers yet additionally, it has the most significant wealth variation. 18% of its populace is living below poverty line. Regarding 1 . 26 million at this point live below poverty line. To protect the low-skilled labor rights, I totally acknowledge " The legislation of minimum wage can enhance the living with the lower classes in Hong Kong”.

Before the discussion, I would really like to establish " lowest wage” clearly. Hong Kong has introduced a minimum income since 10th November, 2010. This means personnel will now gain a minimum of HK$28 per hour. Through this essay Let me use " quality of life” while the standard to supply that the lowest wage can easily improve the living of the decrease classes in Hong Kong.

Quality lifestyle mean involves " materials life” and " non-material life”. Materials life identifies the level of satisfaction that is attained by to spend. Non-material your life refers to the amount of satisfaction that may be obtained not by to spend.

My first argument would be that the lower classes can obtain higher incomes after accomplish the laws of bare minimum wage. This is certainly to say they can earn more money to face the inflation in Hong Kong. They can also provide better material life. Furthermore, from economic perspective, the reduced classes can easily spend more cash on elements after the legislation. As a result, the amount of society intake can be boost. Ng Sdu King, a 62 years of age street solution, is a perfect example. Before the legislation, she was working hard intended for eight several hours a day. However , her salary was around $5000 monthly. She has two daughters and one is continue to a student. Also, she does not want to rely on Cultural Security Assistance (SSA). Therefore , she faces high rents and inflation every mouth with her very low earnings. Luckily, your woman can obtain around $224 a day following the legislation. And her lifestyle would be a lot better than before.

My personal second argument is that...