Essay about The Exotic Ethnic Tradition of Sarawak

1 ) Problemstellung

The Iban longhouses are a crucial attraction in Sarawak. Even West Malaysians find Sarawak´s ethnic lifestyle exotic because there are no related communities in Peninsular Malaysia. The Iban customs and traditions are unique mainly because Sarawak is definitely the only a part of Malaysia and of the world that is certainly home to the community. Total visitor landings into Sarawak was 394. 992 in 2002 compared to 2012 that increased to 4, 069, 023.

From selection interviews with regional tour operators and hoteliers, it really is clearly established that the Iban longhouse travel is the most saleable product between European and American tourists but their be concerned is that it is just a matter of your energy when the effects of tourism will be also strong which leads to a transform of the tradition or even vanish that totally in the long term.

This leads to the fact that travel and leisure is harmful the existence of longhouse communities, because they get enough income for a better and easier existence. In past times most longhouses had been built along the main waterways and their tributaries for causes of strategies and secureness. Nowadays, nevertheless , with better infrastructure longhouse communities happen to be shifting away from the rivers, in order to mention among the the impact of tourism.

Tourists will certainly still view the " authentic” longhouse traditional life-style, but the issue is: how much time does this tradition last?

2 . Fragestellung

How far does the Iban longhouse travel in Sarawak endanger the pattern of living of its community in terms of ethnical conservation?

three or more. Hypothese

Intended for long term elements longhouse tourism in Sarawak changes and endangers the way of living of its community in terms of ethnical conservation.

5. kurze Erläuterung

The travel and leisure product longhouse visit features considerable influence on their community through the years. According to several longhouse experts in no later than 50 years via now longhouse will not are present anymore. The extra income by tourism means longhouses should be able to afford new building supplies. Therefore , a few longhouse set ups are now replace by synthetic elements. Moreover to allow for tourists within a longhouse, traveler agencies build new waterpipes and provide modern day toilets, garbage bins, a fire extinguisher, and a radiophone to arrange fishing boat transport. In addition , the head to operators' only interest should be to make as much money as is possible without considering the opinion of foreign vacationers on longhouse tours and the impact on longhouse life. Arranging longhouse trips to the even more remote locations where the more " authentic” longhouses are to be discovered would lead to escalation of cost and render the tour deals unsalable. " Authenticity may be " staged” due to industrial interests and financial causes. Cultural dwellers tend to seek out " authenticity” and " untouched nature”, which travel tourists to new and unspoilt locations. As a consequence, the places and people in the holiday destinations are later on transformed into " sights and attractions”. The meaning of culture could get lost.

5. Konzept

* Desk research

2. interview with experienced longstanding guides

* interview with the mind manager of Diethelm Travel around (Sarawak) Sdn. Bhd a. 3 plausible Suchbegriffe

2. Iban longhouse tourism;

* socio-economic impacts;

* travel and leisure development in Sarawak

b. wissenschaftliche Zeitschrift oder Datenbank

* Seminararbeit Seminar Budaya Iban - Iban in Society, S. 130-150 A Socioeconomic Study of the Iban Today by Doctor Joseph Ko tee Hock * Mohd Taib Osman (1988), Ethnical Iban Traditions in the framework of the modern Malaysia shipped at Workshop on Iban Culture, in Kapit, Sarak, June 27-30, pp 38-45

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