Essay about The Chieftest Mourner Research

Brief summary

This is a short story authored by Aida Rivera Ford. The story is centered on the loss of life of the narrator's uncle. It is a story with a focal point focused on love and innocence in the context of death. At the establishing stage of the history, the 1st story lines already shows a tint of innocence and simplicity however the gloomy sculpt of the history is already felt. The situation is really a very common scenario inside the Philippines but throughout the writer's prolific used of diction and imagery one common situation is usually turned into something new – a piece of artwork. As you look at it, the story is so straightforward.  But what is going to move the majority of the readers is the author's command word of vocabulary and clean flow of situations. Heroes

The single key character about whom the storyplot centers is a poet who have passed away. As this poet provides two wives, wherein these kinds of wives are arguing of their rights to him the majority of specially in the wake. He is the one upon why he was separated via his legal wife and he is also the one who also gets a different one to be his wife. Also he features this close connection to his niece wherein his niece is the loudspeaker of the history. Setting

It predominant in a sense that it every happen in the wake that all of the activities and thoughts of the personas. Point of view

The niece in the poet may be the one who tells the story for what happened for the wake and the flashback displays. The first person is used while the point of view in which the narrator is a character in the tale, the story is told inside the first-person viewpoint. The narrator uses the first-person pronouns I and me. Theme

The typical theme can be described as story having a focal point dedicated to love and innocence inside the context of death. The underlying motif is the disloyalty of people through their family.