Essay about The American Flag: More Than Just a Piece of Cloth

The American Flag is the most widespread mark Americans have. It took a disaster to make myself realize essential it is. I would personally always influx the flag in a parade or around the Fourth of July, nevertheless I never really stopped to consider what I was doing. The terrorist problems on Sept 11, 2001 are what changed my own view. They will caused me personally to indicate about our country and the value of saying, " My spouse and i am an American. ” After September 11th, there was a great explosion of patriotism. Flags were bought and hung everywhere away of pride. The flag represents the country and all of the privileges and liberties that we have in the United States, hanging it gave all of us the strength to advance on. Persons see the flag everyday, however how many of them actually stop and think about what the banner really presents? People do not realize that just last year Congress voted against a constitutional amendment that might protect the American banner from desecration. Many persons may not consider this a very important issue, but it is becoming very debatable. It would be out of constitute for the usa to have a national law safeguarding the American flag, although it is a well known symbol of America. The burst of patriotism due to the Sept 11th episodes was immediate. No one knew what to do later on, so they will turned to the symbol of your country and waved this saying, " We are nonetheless strong and standing. ” This response cannot be taught or put into legal terms. The great thing about America is that we certainly have the right to screen the banner or to never display that; neither one is forced upon us. The American Flag does not need security. The security of the flag would violate part of our First Change rights. As shown in September 11th, Americans happen to be strong and proud of the usa. They did not really burn the flag with this day; they were proud of the country and proud to get an American. It truly is times when we all disagree with the legislature that some people feel burning the banner will make persons take a second look. That is certainly what the Initially Amendment is about, protecting the rights from the popular, as equally as the ones from the unpopular. The American Flag shows our country's heritage. Is it doesn't one widespread symbol that bonds the entire country. " It is short for the land and the people, the government, and the nation's values. It represents the heroism of Americans the two famous and anonymous, the identity as a people, each of our dreads with the future” (Sedeen). The American flag is a picture lurking behind an idea. " Every trend of the banner is a heart beat of history, a commemoration of multitudes of real, tangible, concrete incidents all melded into a single, grand, abstract concept: America” (Sedeen). The American Flag includes a special meaning for the people who are in our region. It can make us feel happy or ominous; it can lead us to braveness or distribution simply by once and how it can be used (Krythe 1). It is more than just a brightly colored item of cloth; this can be a symbol that stands for an idea, a cause and a purpose. The flag was created on June 14, 1777 when Our elected representatives said, " The banner of the 13 United States will be thirteen stripes, alternately white and red, that the Union be tough luck stars, white colored in a green field, representing a new constellation” (Krythe 2). George Wa has been acknowledged with describing the symbolism of the flag. He demonstrated the significance of what is in fact on the banner rather than only the laws and values behind it. " Put into effect the stars by heaven, the red from our mother country, separating that by white-colored stripes, hence showing that we get separated coming from her, plus the white lines shall go down to posterity, symbolizing liberty” (Krythe 3). Right from the start, the banner has been a significant symbol. Persons look up to it in awe of the amazing country this represents. This kind of flag will not be the last being born. It can go through several changes until it reaches our current banner of America. Congress determined that they will need to pass a law to share with the...

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