Essay within the 1960’s

Tommy Ferreira

Period your five

Mrs. Sok



An essential historic function in the 1950's would be The TV debate: Nixon v. Kennedy (1960):  Dwight Eisenhower became the first presidential applicant to effectively use the tv medium to campaign. Steve Kennedy perfected it. The Kennedy Advertising campaign knew using the moderate to complete effect although his challenger did not. Throughout their first televised debate, Kennedy looked relaxed, tanned, and wore makeup. Vice-President Nixon refused the makeup and had was just recovering from a disease which made him appear pasty. Additionally , Nixon put on a five o'clock shadow which accentuated his features and made him appear cunning. Radio listeners believed Nixon won the debate. However , those that observed it on television threw the contest to Kennedy. Inside the first presidential debate of the television period, style overcome substance.


During the 60s the United States experienced its longest uninterrupted length of economic development in history. In the 1960s housing and computer sector overpowered vehicles, chemicals, and electrically driven consumer durables, which were the leading sectors in the 1950s. Big business dominated the domestic economic climate during this time. In 1962 the five most significant industrial businesses accounted for over 12 percent of all assets in manufacturing. Simply by 1965 Basic Motors, common old of New Jersey and ford got larger earnings than all of the farms in the us. America's international investment elevated to $49. 2 billion in 1965. � After Ww ii the effectiveness and production of the US economy superior markedly. Via 1945 to 1975 end result per hour of labor elevated 120 percent while result per normal unit of one's increased 23 percent. Job hours in agriculture fell from nineteen. 2 to 7. 5 percent also during this period. As the 1960 president election marketing campaign got under way, the 1960-1961 economic downturn began. Ruben F Kennedy's 1960...

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