Essay regarding Teaching speaking using mind maping



Employing Mind Mapping Method to Increase Speaking Skill to the 7th Grade of SMP Negri 1 Karas in Term 2013/2014. 2. Background

What happened ( The students' trouble and the causes )

The students' is actually:

a. The scholars are self conscious to speak in English

The complexities are:

a. The students remain weak in speaking.

m. The students have got low mastery of language.

c. The teacher almost never used varied technique to associated with students be a better speakers. The technique which was used during teaching-learning process made the students unaggressive. III. The answer and its rationale

To solve this issue, the investigator proposes the usage of Mind Umschlusselung Method that can be applied in teaching speaking. Mind umschlusselung method is amazing noting the niche matter simple for students to learn. Mind mapping can also be classified as technical notes imaginative. Categorized in to creative processes for making mind mapping requires use of the imagination from the author. Students who happen to be creative will probably be easier to make this mind umschlusselung. Similarly, a lot more frequent the scholars create a brain mapping, he will probably be more creative. Mind Umschlusselung methods to help students in remembering the presentation or perhaps discussion will be done in a system sums up the entire material of the dialogue into one site. Make records in this way will help students focus and take his mind back upon what is being said. Furthermore, Through the Head Mapping method is expected that students can easily focus, set up well their knowledge and experience regarding the material into spoken vocabulary. So , students will be motivated in learning of talking. Thus, it really is believed that mind mapping method can easily improve students' ability in speaking to communicate their concepts or to deliver their text messages on their materials to the better listener.

IV. Speculation

Depending on the rationale described above, action hypothesis can be formulated that Mind Mapping method is viewed as one of the strategies that is ideal to improve students' speaking.

Sixth is v. LESSON PLAN







Greetings for students

Asking students to pray

with each other

Checking students' attendance list.

Giving inspiration and stimulus to the learners.

Correlating together with the material that will be given.

five minute

a couple of

Main Activities

a. Search

Requesting students to make a group and every group incorporate 2-3 learners. Giving each groups the fabric.

Asking pupils to read the fabric that has subject " Number Idol ”

2 day

b. Elaboration

Explaining the right way to do physical exercise.

Asking college students to discuss with their group to reply to the questions Asking students to discuss using their group to create mind umschlusselung with the material Students present the effects of each conversation group

instructor wrote for the blackboard and classifying instructors as necessary 15 small

c. Affirmation

Another group responded to the group that shown the results of the conversation Teachers give assessment and confirmed about discussions

3 minute

three or more


Asking problems during learning process

Supplying summary pertaining to material which have been taught

Providing closing handmade

Leaving the class

5 day


1 ) Material

The Example of issue

Figure idol

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