Essay about Tapsihan


(Sizzling Tapsihan)

By: Camille Hazel Diaz

To: Ms. Girlie D. Fernandez

A thesis published in Incomplete Fulfillment

of the requirements pertaining to the bachelors of Research in Business Operations

Major in Marketing Managing

ABE International Business College-Fairview

March 20, 2013


Tapsilog" is an original dish of the Filipinos which started to be a favorite since it was first developed. " Tap" means aperitivo, " Si" means sinangag or toast rice and " Log" for itlog or egg. This kind of meals is well-liked for Filipinos due to its tenderness and tastiness with the mix of fried grain and egg. Kahitsan is small eatery concept offering high quality however affordable traditional Filipino meals. It was descends from the word " Kahit Saan", the word we used to notice every time we all ask an individual where they would like to eat. This concept was build to let the individuals know that Kahit Saan also exist as being a small eatery providing vast varieties of philippine dishes. Kahitsan is located with the eastern end of Fluido M. Imparcial Avenue due to high density of colleges and colleges found in the spot. It acts a variety of mouth-watering Sizzling Silog Meals including TapSiLog, ToSiLog, CornSiLog, SigSiLog, PorkSiLog, BurgerSiLog, HotSiLog, ChixSiLog, and LongSiLog with a mix of Bulalo Soup. The gravy made it a lot more delicious and serves this on a sizzling plate. We offered a delicious and affordable price that gives a satisfaction to our customer that they can surely acquire what they paid off.


Currently, people tend to eat exterior due to busy days. A few students were not able to provide their own " baon" specifically colleges. KahitSan provides solutions to beneficial customers. Our main target audience are learners and other professionals who job near in our location. Kahitsan maintains product uniformity to provide the purchasers the same superior quality they received every time they go to our place. Our approach is to build more clients in order to enhance revenue. Unlike other tiny eatery, kahitsan have individual take-out counter for those consumers who choose to eat for different place, this will become an advantage mainly because kahitsan can receive extra income however, place were full of consumers. We can provide loyalty playing cards for an ideal way of increasing product sales from a specific customer. This kind of card will probably be showed when they order to us. Effectiveness with this card is because of the offered sense of and that additional worth to consumers gives the a sense of value.


Kahitsan's strategy is dependent on delivering a powerful customer benefit proposition within a niche market. The location abounds with colleges and professionals that do not have limitless opportunities to get dining out.

Each of our competitive advantage is to be the first eatery " tapsilogan” along Fluido M. Recto Avenue, in a friendly, non-smoking, customer-oriented eat in knowledge and initial to have it is separate takeout counter.

To drive customers to Kahitsan, we all will make use of several tactics outlined beneath.

5. Coupon – coupon will probably be given to individuals that passed by simply our shop to inform all of them about the menus. 5. Flyers will be used for the advertisements which usually bring in consumers. * (Word of Mouth) Encourage customers to become frequent customers, also to tell all their friends and acquaintances about the great experience and period that they distributed to all of us. * Facebook Fan Page can be an essential instrument to promote my business. 2. Barkada Dishes good for 3-5 persons.


Kahitsan will be functioning for 18 hours coming from 7am each day up to 9pm in the evening. Most of us be about to open each of our store forward from our competition so early on risers will tend to consume breakfast in our place. Our products will probably be served quickly and ready to ingest and will be an alternative to the usual fast-food options available in today's world. Kahitsan will not operate the business about Sundays to give our...