Essay regarding Susan Lafevre

A nineteen year old woman was arrested in mid 1970s for advertising heroin to an undercover police officer and sentenced to 10-20 years in a Michigan prison. She escaped from penitentiary eight weeks later and started a new life in California as Marie Walsh. She held a low profile for 32 years, planning to escape her past existence as Leslie LeFevre. The lady raised three children with her husband of more than two decades, Alan, who also never understood she was using an assumed personality. (Morin, T. 2011) (Mail Online, 2011) In 03 2008, specialists received a great anonymous online tip that Walsh was living in suv San Diego. Investigators confirmed her identity, and federal marshals pulled Walsh over in the area of where she lived. Walsh was back in the Michigan prison system wherever she pleaded guilty to escape. She was sentenced to five years probation and 18 months of parole. In January 2009, parole plank members the best performer unanimously to free her. (Morin, K. 2011) (Mail Online, 2011) In conclusion, I feel like the lady was punished unfairly. Your woman didn't need to do much time in any way after being charged for heroin and avoid. They experienced that the lady had been a model citizen as she escaped, and that the lady didn't should have to provide any further period. They don't look at the reality she had no choice but to remain out of trouble in order to not get caught. Her ex-boyfriend that she got in trouble with in 1974 was released two years after their particular arrest. Consequently a 2 year sentence with the escape charge included would have recently been fair. Even though her phrase was unjust in my opinion, I'm glad that her family members doesn't have to suffer not having her around for that very long. She has as well written a book to help encourage others to stay from in jail.


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