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The business enterprise Upper More advanced Tests Solution Key

Device 1 Building a Career Improvement Test Response Key

Portion 1 Studying Task you 8 points

1C 2B 3D 4D 5B 6B 7A 8C

Task 2 7 factors

1 recently been promoted a couple of gave in my notice a few to quit 5 joined a … firm 5 was laid off six to be moved 7 are on task Part 2 Writing Activity 1 Optimum 15 points See Guide to using the tests on how to tag. Task a couple of 5 items 1 Within my last task I maximized the profitability of the company. two He was very good at producing new ideas for the teenagers we offer to. three or more Mrs Williams has surpass our expectations. 4 We would very much like to present my ways to you. 5 In his 2 yrs with our organization Andy Fielding has more than doubled the amount of our buyers.

The Business Uppr Intermediate Tests / Response Key you

Part 3 Listening Activity 1 five points you False – he started his company ‘a few' years ago. 2 The case 3 True 4 False – the board ‘stripped him of his duties', but failed to fire him. 5 False – he's not sure what he will do with the funds. Task a couple of 5 items 1 global market a couple of take hazards, invest, and develop three or more draw up 4 unique providing propositions a few doubling each of our budget

Component 4 Speaking Maximum 5 points See Guide to serves to tests approach mark.

The organization Upper Advanced Tests as well as Answer Important 2

Device 2 Information Progress Test Answer Crucial Part you Reading Process 1 almost eight points 1B 2E 3 DIMENSIONAL 4C 5A 6D 7C 8A Process 2 7 points you upgrade 2 crashing 3 goes down four virus five deleted 6th palmtops several set up Part 2 Publishing Task you Maximum 15 points See Guide to making use of the tests in order to mark. Process 2 your five points Conceivable answers: you Staff will be reminded to sign in upon arrival at reception. a couple of If sales do not increase forthwith, the profits will be severely damaged. 3 A few of our possessions could be sold off with a view to improving our cash-flow problems. 5 It is imperative all machines is switched off after use. 5 The continued effort is liked.

The Business Upper Intermediate Tests / Response Key 3

Part several Listening Activity 1 5 points you She works in accounts. 2 The lady was in the center of a back-up. 3 His pc freezes. 4 She wants to replace her department's laptop computers. 5 He was cleaning up his hard disk.

Task 2 five points one particular We designated Saul Finlay because he is a very glowing, very focused young man. two He's annoyed some of his colleagues, but since he says, you don't make an omelette without breaking eggs. several Of course Now i'm worried about staff turnover and downtime costs, and so can be Saul. 4 Our orders have increased by forty per cent since he became a member of us. a few We need to invest in the new tools he's seeking. Part 5 Speaking Maximum 5 points

See Guide to using the testing on how to draw.

The Business Uppr Intermediate Testing / Answer Key some

Unit three or more Quality Improvement Test Response Key Part 1 Browsing Task 1 7 items 1B SECOND 3A 4D 5B 6C 7A Job 2 almost 8 points 1 were acquired 2 have already been returned a few is being taken on 4 must be taken five have occurred 6 was designated 7 is definitely serviced almost eight is expected/will be expected Portion 2 Writing Task 1 Maximum 15 points Discover Guide to making use of the tests in order to mark. Job 2 a few points Conceivable answers: one particular Have the studies been drafted? 2 Do you consider the objectives will be come to by a few weeks? 3 When ever was your pc upgraded? 4 Have you asked to attend the conference? 5 Had the e-mail been received by the time he called?

The company Upper Advanced Tests as well as Answer Crucial 5

Portion 3 Tuning in Task 1 5 factors 1 forking out 2 fixing problems/looking for brand spanking new ways to do things even better (2 points) three or more he makes it in the most cost effective way 5 he bank checks that the business has documented quality methods Task two 5 items 1 the first 10 months of the year a couple of average to get the initially four weeks 3 PFR in Summer 4 PFR in August your five the PFR they aspire to achieve Portion 4 Speaking Maximum five points Observe Guide to making use of the tests means mark.

The organization Upper Intermediate Tests / Answer Important 6

Product 4 Opinions Progress Test Answer Important Part one particular Reading Activity 1 your five points...