Essay on spoken terminology


The ways in which words are pronounced. There will generally be terry terns in the manner that consonants are noticable (or dropped) and big t he way vowel noises are made. Feature can also differ according to the location or social class of any speaker. Framework


The situation or circumstances in which talk takes place. This will impact tremendously on the conversation encounter and the way that speakers will vary their talk according to the people and the environment. пїј


The unique grammar and v ocabulary which is associated with a specific physical. This pertains to the words and phrases themselves and really should not become confused with the way the words search phrase sound. For example , a dialectical variation of the phrase ‘cuddle' in South Wales would be ‘cwtch'. Emphasis or perhaps stress


This is often displayed by underlining or emboldening to show a word, or perhaps part of a word, has been said in a particular way (i. e. probably louder and with more pressure than other terms the speech to make a level for example). Filler


These are phrases which do not carry conventional which means but which can be inserted in speech to allow time to think, to create a stop or to carry a submit conversation. Good examples are ‘er', ‘um', ‘ah', ‘OK', ‘kinda'. 

Being interrupted

This arises where one speaker jumps in and seizes the topic, overriding another speaker. This is done out of eagerness, or indignation rather than disrespect. Jargon

пїјпїјSpecific technical vocabulary related to a certain task or perhaps occupation. So for educators it is SATS, lesson plans, SOWs, Inset, and many others пїј


This takes place where several speaker talks at the same time. This may be for a selection of reasons and i also s not at all times a t ign of disagreement, though it could be. More often in speech it demonstrates speakers are on the same wavelength and they may complete each other's sentence or to show that one helps the different. Pauses


These are fractures in talk and c an always be very brief (micro pauses) or very much...