Essay regarding Social Responsibility with Company Q


Social Responsibility within Company Q

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Social Responsibility within Firm Q

Daniel R. Beckerman

Western Governors University

WGU Student #000322976

For any provided business, the highest potential for revenue growth is found through a mixture of focusing on featuring for the shareholders, and thinking of the stakeholders in general. This means concentrating past temporary profits and creating a plan that demonstrates a way of measuring social responsibility. Business standing goes far towards creating how large a company's consumer bottom is going to be, and giving seen not nurturing about the community can lead to a loss of clients and a loss of additional revenue in the long term. Focusing solely on the current bottom line may provide a short-term boost to profits, but since a poor status spreads, losing can only still compound. In respect to Ferrell (2013), four levels of sociable responsibility exist, these becoming economic, legal, ethical, and philanthropic (p. 39). Virtually any business must focus on the bottom line in part to have success, but moral practices and philanthropic attitudes can help generate one organization stand out among a litany of businesses most offering comparable, or even similar, products. ​ ​Company Q is an example of a company focusing largely for the current bottom line, while disregarding the long term potential of exercising social responsibility and philanthropic work. Two stores had been closed due to losing money from operating in high crime areas, while other stores started to sell substantial margin things. These are items that match a certain specific niche market in certain markets, no doubt helping to boost local revenue inside the more top quality areas, although without appeal in low income neighborhoods. A worry more than lost revenue and fraudulence lead to the choice to not give day-old products to the regional food financial institution. Employees could potentially steal meals, claiming being taking all those products with them to donate....

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