Essay about Slumdog

Mitchell Burgin

Dr . Habib

September twenty-two, 2014

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Third world countries have extremely several living conditions as compared to a first community country. We have a higher offense rate during these areas due to the lack govt provisions. Children are kept stranded and unprotected when ever their parents leave and/or taken from these people. Living conditions are incredibly poor in the Mumbai slums and from this brings out a lot of health and social problems. There are large number of riots and cultural disputes that occur on almost a regular bases. " Slumdog Millionare” gave various examples of all of the mentioned incidences in under developed countries over the world.

There are extremely high instances of offense in these regions of the world which is mostly because of the lack of a governing presence in maintaining the crime level low. With no necessary financing, the government simply cannot provide sufficient policing powers for all of the residents of the region. This triggers higher instances of crime, because there is no consequence for the crimes which were committed. Inside the movie, riots run uncontrolled and finish up killing the key character's, Jamal, mother. No-one was held accountable and generally there aren't any child protecting services just for this region on the planet, so the earliest brother, Salim, who is a child himself, can be left to deal with Jamal.

The conditions where the residents of the slums of Mumbai stay in would shock the rest of the initially world countries. Barely scrapping by is the way of these people, regardless if they have careers. They endure on the bare minimum and regularly have to sacrifice just in order to have food, water, and refuge. Due to these kinds of living conditions, children get " lost” and possess to plead and grab in order to make it through. In the motion picture, Jamal great brother live wherever they will after their mother drops dead from the riots. They were residing in a eliminate when they had been taken in with a man who tries to make use of their skills in order to make a profit...