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Slippery Slope


Slippery Slope

Many individuals arrive victim into a specific actions or prefer for another for personal gain in order to be ahead of the game (cheat). Unfortunately Politicians and Law Enforcement are not exempt from the list. Slippery slope is defined as a process or perhaps series of situations that is hard to stop or perhaps control once it has started and that generally leads to more serious or more challenging things or perhaps outcomes (Merriam-Webster dictionary, 2014). Police work in itself, especially undercover work basically places an official in the position to make tough decisions. A great officer may have to pretend to get connected with a drug ruler which includes dealing drugs and funds to different drug kings and users (Police Offense News, 2014). It also includes the dealing of " loose” cash which turns into very appealing to an official and rides that distinctive line of a slippery slope.

Police are frequently put in a situation that will probably ride the line of the slick slope. For example: The movies will be somewhat the case in the fact that police lay to hostages and kidnappers in order to save the victims, one may say a white rest to the media in order to get several relief from the media, while interrogating or perhaps interviewing Authorities are conditioned to lie to get information, Authorities try to avoid nonsense calls like the neighbor will be loud or perhaps the dog wont stop too much barking etc ., Law enforcement even change the work system by trading and/or advertising days off as well as most asked work requests, Police may well try to manuever oneself capable of make an extra $5000 a year more, Law enforcement invade level of privacy on a regular basis with hidden video cameras and saving devices to solve a case, and last although certainly not least, Police involved in a drug sting operation actually make a product and set up citizens to acquire the product, then arrest the citizen; My spouse and i find something morally and ethically wrong with this set-up (Police Crime Reports, 2014). Society-at-Large Hypothes

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