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Karnataka M. Agric. Sci., 22(2): (420-425) 2009

Articles analysis of home science areas in news paperwork *


Department of Extension and Communication Supervision,

University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad - 580 005, Karnataka, India. E-mail: [email protected] com

(Received: November, 2008)

Abstract: The study investigation was carried out for the period of 5 months my spouse and i. e. via 1st April to 31st August, 2007 in Parabhani district of Maharashtra state to know the coverage of some certain home scientific research areas in selected dailies. On excessive circulation basis, two national English (Times of India and American indian Express) and two regional Marathi (Sakal and Lokmat) dailies had been selected. The findings says out of total 1166 home scientific research articles on selected areas from all four newspapers, optimum articles hailed from human advancement (56. 78%) followed by house science expansion education (28. 47%) and family resource management (14. 75%). Most oftenly protected sub areas were paediatrics and kid related issues, eco-friendly actions and consumerism.

Key words: Residence science areas, human expansion, family source management, house science file format education. Advantages

Print media has been acknowledged as an essential means

of communication. It is the greatest funnel of interaction in every discipline. The print media in a expanding society is named upon to shoulder a number of responsibilities. Although it is often declared we are coming into 'the electric age', there is no sign from the decline of print media. Newspapers, mags and literature

will continue for decades to be the major way to obtain information, know-how and satisfaction. Approximately 2 decades back

readers of papers had little if any choice inside the matter. They used to provide and browse or attempted to read whatsoever was available. Only significant minded people and those having sufficient

info on surroundings may utilize the newspapers

properly. Considering this negative aspect, about a decade ago the newspapers began publishing products and particular pages

made up of family related home scientific research information such as family marriage, wise child-rearing, human creation, home

decoration, craft making, psychological elements, environmental concerns, women and children welfare programs, etc . Consequently,

the present research investigation was carried out with all the

objective to analyze coverage of some specific home scientific research areas in selected dailies.

Material and methods

Based on high blood flow, two British and two Marathi

dailies were picked for the purpose of study in Parabhani district of Maharashtra condition. The British dailies selected were 'Times of India' and 'Indian Express' although the Marathi dailies chosen were 'Sakal' and 'Lokmat'. All these newspapers publish family related house science details under diverse headings in one or the additional form daily or weekly. The sample was chosen from the particular newspapers, simply during the period from first

April to 31st September 2007 excluding the only standard holiday which newspaper had not been published. A total of 1166 issues

with regards to some certain home research areas viz., human

creation, family source management and home scientific research

extension education published in selected two national The english language and two regional Marathi dailies created the sample of the


Results and discussion

Division of newspapers articles relating to selected

three main areas of residence science viz., human expansion, family source management and home scientific research extension education

was proven in table 1 . Fully 1166 products were registered related to residence science subject from all newspapers. Countrywide

English papers on an common published 362 items, whereas, regional Marathi newspapers reported on an average 221 products. Out of the total of 1166 items reported by all four newspapers, most of items belonged to human expansion...

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