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FT8 Gas Generator

Aeroderivative Gas Turbine

pertaining to Industrial Applications

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MAN Turbocharged


1 FT8 upon base shape during workshop assembly

2 Cutaway watch of the FT8 (with regular combustion system)


GENTLEMAN Turbo provides the world's most comprehensive product line of compressors and turbines. Creativity, ongoing expansion and modern technology guarantee the competitiveness of our products (single supply solutions) intended for the duration of a equipment.

Gas generators have been within the range of products seeing that 1988. In 1990, the gas turbine product line was expanded by including our FT8 gas turbine through signing a co-operation contract with Pratt& Whitney Power Systems (PWPS). With the FT8 gas generator, MAN Turbo offers a first-rate mover, permitting customers to get the reliable, environmentally sound and monetary technology they might require for a various their applications.



FT8 Gas Turbine

The LPC (Low Pressure Compressor)

By mid-2008 more than 370 of the

offers 8 disc stages and 7 stator stages.

" Standard Burning System” which usually

extremely powerful FT8 gas turbine

The inlet guidebook vanes as well as the first

enables the use of several gaseous and

packages have been delivered or were in

two stator vane phases have been installed

liquid powers – based on a specifications

buy. The very efficient FT8 gas generator

with varying geometry. Varying vane

and also combinations in just about any percent-

The essential version consists a apparent

consists of a GG8 gas electrical generator and a

movement delivers optimum performance

age combine and thus offering excessive fuel

PT8 power generator (also referred to as a

for the converter over the complete


" free-running” turbine). The gas genera-

velocity range and excellent part-load

tor provides high-energy gas to the electricity

efficiency. The LPC disc is connected

A DLN (DryLowNOx) combustable system

generator, where this kind of gas works work

to the 2-stage LPT (Low Pressure

for gaseous fuel operation is available while

when by artificial means coupled to a driven

Turbine) rotor by LP-shaft which can be

an option. The extremely robust DLN

load through a flexible joining.

conducted throughout the tubular HP-shaft

system allows quick load changes which is

connecting the HPC (High Pressure

insensitive to changing gas arrangement

GG8 - Gas Electrical generator


and ambient conditions.

The two-shaft gas generator has been

Pressure Turbine).





produced from the latest type of the most

Normal Combustion System

successful aero-engine in business

The HPC consists of several rotor stages

In the case of the normal combustion

service, the Pratt& Whitney JT8D-219,

and eight stator stages and is influenced by

program the combustable section offers nine

that has achieved highest recorded

the single-stage HPT. W ith this arrange-

chambers (cans) arranged in an annulus

sales of > 14, five-hundred engines.

ment the LP-system and HP-system are

surrounding the turbine shafts and situated

running in their own ideal speed

between the High Pressure Converter

without mechanical interaction.

and the High Pressure Turbine. The

The components of the gas

electrical generator are the two compressor

combustion chambers are enclosed by simply

modules (LP and HP), the combustion

Combustion System

inner and outer casings. The outer casing

section plus the two turbine modules

With regards to the application the FT8

may be unbolted and moved rearward to

(HP and LP).

gas turbine can be built with two

enable easy inspection or associated with

different combustable systems.

the combustion sections and energy



1 Combustion section with bur ner cans (standard

combustion system)

2 FT8 gas turbine on basic frame with DLN

combustable system

Two combustion rooms...