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Seminar (CSE- 402) Guidelines pertaining to VII Search engine marketing B. Elizabeth. Students

The presentation entails analysis of literature within a selected area of research. The scholars are required to the latest study publication in CSE related areas.

A research paper will be chosen from IEEE or ACM digital libraries published in year 08 onwards (last 5 years from 2008- 2012). The paper has to be full-length, we. e., much more than 6 pages and fuzy, extended subjective, review or perhaps survey paper is not allowed.

To have the papers stick to the link. http://muportal/Digital Subscriptions/ MIT Library/ then choose one of IEEE/IEE On the web, ACM Digital Library, Springerlink, Science Immediate.

Following identifying a paper, trainees has to go through it a couple of times so as to be familiar with key issues. It requires examining the reference point and then discussing other papers and their referrals and so on until the paper can be fully understood. This conventional paper will be submitted as a bottom paper in addition to a one site synopsis. The bottom paper is a paper posted within previous 5 years whereas to comprehend base daily news, reference papers as outdated as 1970's can be traced to read and understand. As soon as the idea in the base daily news is clear, the report must be prepared based on the base newspaper. Finally, based on the survey, the power stage slides have decided. If there is any difficulty in finding the paper, the faculty managing the workshop should be consulted.

Report File format – Name, abstract, key phrases (3-5), introduction, background (optional, required only when the extensive research location depicted inside the paper is definitely uncovered inside the CSE academics curriculum), determination, objective, strategy, results, examination and exploration of results, constraint, possible improvement, conclusion, recommendations in author–year style. Zero text catalogs are required as being a reference. The points designated 1 through 6 listed below discusses required format for some of the topics in statement. For additional topics, general guidelines apply.