Essay about Search for a New Life: From Iraq to the U. S. A.

My Difficult Decision

Everybody has to create many crucial decisions in their life. Some of these decisions can be simple and others difficult. Some time all of us make hard choices despite the fact that we avoid want to. For example , a choice I produced was to keep our region to save my family and have a much better life inside the U. T. A. Lifestyle in my country was very dangerous, thus my family and i also had to keep our country to " Begin a fresh leaf”. Following the U. S. A and many other countries started out a war we definitely had to head to America. A large number of people were murdered and are eliminating until now due to (many Krishnan people have killed); nation and gienocide. We live in a tiny town a long way away from Mosul about 31 K. M. I had to work in Mosul with the government, so some individuals wanted me personally to stop doing work and keep the town or they will eliminate me. The trail from my own town to Mosul was very risky, with many bombes in the street and in Mosul. Also there were two bombs in our area near my personal children's' school. They were hurt and very frightened. My wage was very small and has not been enough to get in great situation. There was clearly no education, no hospital, no normal water and nothing whatsoever we need. At the end, I decided to have a difficult decision to keep Iraq and also to live in a strong country in the U. S. A. My children felt better in the U. S. A more then my personal country. We have a good education, overall health, job and also to live in tranquility. I analyze English to communicate to people around me personally. Health is very great to take care of all of us from our doctor and the hospitals are excellent. We take my medicine i need monthly. My daughters have a fantastic job. A good thing I have which i live in tranquility without any problems with people. In sum, live is full of a large number of decisions. We have to make the right decision to possess a better existence. Our decision was tough for us and in the life since we remaining our region. We identified the good country in the U. S. A is more preferable many times via Iraq.