Essay about Sample Technique



The research workers used the descriptive approach to the research in this study since its main goal was to identify the Customer Satisfaction as Perceived by Nomade Vendors in Antipolo City.

Descriptive technique as cited by Bernabeo, et. Approach. (1998). Involves collection data in order to evaluation the hypothesis to answer the question s with regards to the current position of the respondent of the examine.

The study style was suited to the respondents of the examine because it is required to determine this current or the existing nature in the Customer Satisfaction while Perceived by simply Ambulant Distributors in terms of age group, gender and selling experience and through other factors such as product, price, quality and assistance.


The research workers used the questionnaire checklist as the major instrument with the study.

The questionnaire register was divided into two parts: the first part relates to the account of the surveys takers in terms of age, gender and selling activities.

The second component was made up of statement about the factors of the questionnaire directory was given away to the ambulant vendors in Antipolo City in front of Countrywide Shrine of your Lady of Peace and Good Voyage for affirmation and stability testing.


The researchers formulated their thesis title which is The consumer Satisfaction as Perceived by Ambulant Vendors in Antipolo City. Found in front of National Shrine of Our Lady of Peacefulness and Great Voyage. After, the researchers selected a thesis Advisor, English Critic and Statistician who will aid them inside their study. The researchers developed chapters one particular, 2, a few including the set of questions. The research workers made a letter for the respondents, and was and then the operations of the set of questions checklist to the ambulant sellers or participants.


The topic of the study is definitely the Ambulant Distributors in Antipolo City, located in front of...