Essay regarding Saas Re-homing Level in Nigeria

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A research pitch for the major project:

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS): Understanding its re-homing level among business enterprises in Nigeria

Submitted on

15th of May, 2012

In partial fulfilment from the Postgraduate Examine in MSc. Business Information Systems


The attention that Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) has garnered in recent years features focused on the new business model that on-demand software enables. THAT stakeholders for business enterprises are occasionally misinformed regarding benefits accruable from adopting SaaS offerings for their organisation's software delivery as opposed to the traditional procurement of legacy programs, not informed of the inherent pitfalls which may arise later.

One of the purposes of the research is to research the SaaS marketplace within Nigeria, especially among large and medium scale business enterprises in the private sector. To do this, particular emphases will probably be placed on problems surrounding the adoption amount of SaaS system offerings simply by business enterprises, expected factors intended for and against its adoption by businesses in Nigeria. This will help create valuable info regarding the transmission of Software within the Nigerian market, and empirical data that can travel further exploration in this discipline.

To achieve the purpose of this research, mixed strategies will employed. A cross-sectional survey will probably be conducted, where an electronic-copy questionnaire will probably be sent to 50 respondents of fifty business organisations stratified into medium and large industry weighing machines, evenly distributed throughout 5 business segments.

Desk of Items


1 . Introduction4

1 . 1 . Breakthrough of Software model as well as adoption4

1 . 2 . Relevance of the research4

1 . a few. Aims and objectives with the research6

1 ) 4. Exploration questions6

installment payments on your Review of prior literatures7

installment payments on your 1 . The Transformation to SaaS style for IT services delivery7

2 . 2 . Key Characteristics of SaaS Computing8

2 . 3. The Appeal of SaaS as a delivery model8

2 . some. Theoretical maintaining of the research9

2 . five. The Space in Literature10

3. Study Design and Methodology11

a few. 1The suggested research paradigm11

3. 2The conceptual platform of the proposed research12

5. The Suggested Research Method13

4. 1Questionnaire design13

some. 1 . 1Pilot testing of Questionnaire13

four. 2Questionnaire dissemination14

4. 3Sampling method14

four. 4Analysis Plan15

4. 5Ethical Issues15

some. 6Proposed Exploration Timeline16

a few. Discussion17

your five. 1Strength in the Proposal17

your five. 2Limitation in the Proposal17

five. 3How to Mitigate the Limitation17

6th. References18

1 . Introduction

This chapter offers an overview of the investigation subject. That further discusses the aim and objective with this research pitch, and the challenges associated with the subject matter of examine that makes this venture beneficial, finally appearing the queries that this study seeks to find answers to. 1 . 1 . Emergence of SaaS model and its ownership

The evolution of software development has been huge over the past half a century. Classic software creation paradigm of making applications as enterprise heritage systems has become long converted by opportunities offers by internet trend. Specifically in the past decade, impair computing has been the new craze in the ICT industry globally. The whole principle, along with the producing technologies, requires IT services delivery to a new and stimulating level.

Impair computing have been defined as an auto dvd unit for allowing convenient, on-demand network entry to a shared pool of configurable computer resources (e. g., systems, servers, safe-keeping, applications, and services) that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management work or cloud service provider interaction (Mel S., 2011). Idea gave climb to a sponsor of possibilities as...

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