Role of Voluntary Organizations in Community Development in Nigeria Study Paper

Position of Non-reflex Organizations in Community advancement in Nigeria Submitted by Ekweruo Chigozie Kenneth.

Bsc. Pub. Supervision & T. G Research

University Of Nigeria Nsukka


Community development comprises the supply of infrastructural facilities to the people. The supply of these interpersonal amenities may be attained through a number of ways and organizations including, the government, community development interactions, Voluntary Organizations. A Voluntary Organization or perhaps Volunteers Organization is any organization that uses the human resources of volunteers pertaining to achieving its main goal. Community involvement can be caused by the use of non-reflex organizations. The importance of non-reflex organizations with regards to community participation lies in the very fact that the mobilization of assets and support for any type of development activity does not necessarily involve the totality with the people within a project community at the same time. All their full involvement can be obtained through the instrumentality of existing voluntary organizations. Voluntary firm abound in Nigeria residential areas. They contain religious firm, Youth clubs, cultural agencies, village/town unions, age groups etc . These Organizations can be useful in enlisting the support of varied groups just like traders, farmers, Landlords, Youth adults, Women etc . They can equally contribute necessary human, materials and financial resources for development purposes. This kind of Seminar conventional paper therefore looks at the functions of Voluntary organizations in Community creation in Nigeria, their challenges and the need for government to partner with these people in order to obtain the targeted objective in our rural areas.


Poor performance of government in getting together with the socio- economic missions of individuals has been identified as one of the reasons at the rear of the expansion of community based agencies (CBOs) in the new centuries. Along this line, Wahab (2000) seen that people in developing nations have till recently researched to their governments to meet their particular basic socio-economic demands. Of your truth, governments in Africa nations have got evolved equally top-down and bottom-up methods to achieve lasting development of all their people. Such as establishment of lead sectors at important centers so as to create task opportunities, present basic infrastructure and use regional natural and man-made resources to stimulate progress and economic development that would spread to lagging parts (Perroux, 1955; Abegunde, 2003). Besides, Agbola (2002) noted that successive Nigerian government authorities have taken care of immediately both rural and city problems by simply evolving lower income alleviation programs to help blend development concurrently at the home town. These programs include the national directorate of employment (NDE), community banks, directorate of foods and rural highways infrastructure, better life intended for rural females, national poverty alleviation programme (NAPEP) and others. The failure of governments' top-down way and lack of involvement from the people on the grassroots in the bottom-up technique have vulnerable the self-confidence of the community in central authorities. Areas therefore seek out solace in indigenous establishments, which pressurize government pertaining to attention to advancement problems within their communities and undertake creation programmes and projects that they observe that are incredibly needful inside their immediate residential areas. The indigenous organizations are associated with self-help (Ogundipe, 2003). They constitute the media for solutions mobilization to confront community challenges. These include the finance and setup of assignments, lobbying and nomination of representatives to government offices to air flow their sights and press their needs and developing of human resources against future developmental needs with their immediate areas. Thus, their very own impacts had been felt inside the areas of monetary development, coverage matters,...

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