Essay about Reflection 1


‘Reflection is a great exploration and an explanation of events'(Queen Maggie University 2013: 1). It is an essential component to our research in this session. Many experts indicated that study by feedback is an effective way to boost ourselves. OpenLearn, (2015) On the other hand, I received many opinions from my own teachers. These feedbacks were about the PDP composition, which I got an unsatisfied grade. Composing references is the biggest difficulty for me since I generally make mistakes of the format of Harvard referring to. For example , I often did not remember to put the citation in your body part. In addition , the educator also aimed that there are many sentence structure mistakes in my assignments. On the other hand, I also received informal feedback from the group demonstration, which means instructor pointed a lot of things I can increase more than just mistakes and just read was not counted towards my own final degrees. Although I had been nervous ahead of the public during my presentation. My personal teacher said my pronunciation is very very good, which increase my self confidence to some extent. These types of feedbacks have got a benefit effect on my analyze. Learning how to use reference is an important organ for the rest of my study. That gave me a warning to complete things properly. Not only does this benefit my own writing capacity, but likewise influence my learning frame of mind. Furthermore, the mistakes in the essay also showed my personal carelessness. Some spend plenty of time go through my work prior to I submitted it. I need to be more hard-working in the future.


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We use the Gibbs Reflective Circuit to proceed out group presentation. The first component called Explanation. When we received this task, instructor divided all of us into a number of groups and then we started to prepare the group display. Firstly, we all distributed the relative job to each group member. Although my given part was a little bit difficult for me, I did so my far better finish it because My spouse and i didn't need to gradual my group down. In the group meetings, I noticed that everybody in the group was hard-working and performed a good job. In addition , all of us practice many times before the final presentation. One thing impressed me a lot is that when we used our business presentation one by one, Hasan, who is very good at business presentation give me several valuable tips. Firstly, he said I have to speak even louder and become self-assured. Secondly, he said I must try my personal best to be acquainted, but not remember all the content which I have to present in entrance the reviewer, evaluator. I i am still bear in mind Hasan's guidance. The feedback from associates also allowed me to a lot. Finally, we do a good work in presentation. The instructor also aimed something that we could do better. For instance, we did not show every resources regarding our project to the examiner. In the past, we all just think it is not necessarily as necessary because showing the result. As a result, the feedback from our teacher made me realized that the real evidence was important as well. It will generate our result more reputable. In the next project, I will remember these feedbacks and try my far better correct my shortcomings.