Pushing The Envelope Composition

Pushing the Package (A and B)

Group 10:

Sumitdeep Kapoor

Darron Solensky

Yizhao Xia

Zhuojiao Yang

Zhendong Zhou

1 ) What procedure do you suggest for addressing the F100 reliability issues?

1) Do the data examination every month in order to how it works

2) Compare current yr ratio of accidents to last few years 3) Once there is an accident, examine how to increase F100 to stop accidents 4) Maintain the original standards in order to meet the development deadlines 5) Use better quality components that could resist usage at excessive temperatures/altitudes 6) Follow overhauling schedule strictly – 75 hours of operation intended for F15 and 50 hours of operation for F16 7) Tend not to skip component-by-component testing to be able to speed up therapy process (may have also retained Navy by slashing production targets) 8) Dual source-engine from GE and fan/compressor from Pratt and Whitney

2 . Underneath what circumstances will sourcing from a second supplier is going to or will never make the F100 jet engine more reliable? �

More reliable

1) Both sides reach agreement and work in unison on dual-sourced engine 2) Maintenance facilities is created to get the dual-sourced engine 3) Each business is procured to remain competitive and make the more dependable engine. The firm with all the better engine will win the contract. Reliability can be a direct result of increased competition.

Not more reliable

1) Both businesses are not happy to take incomplete contracts and work together. 2) The testing specifications are different from one supplier to the other leading to the final items to be difficult to rely on