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Public open areas

making them convivial

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World wide research has shown that public available space, specifically in urban areas, has an essential positive effect on community health and wellbeing.

Accessible good quality public wide open space is very important as it gives urban dwellers with connection with nature, which can be fundamental to human well being.

It also provides opportunities for people to experience regular human to human contact, in a not threatening environment, which is another key wellness influence.


Sociable Interaction

Research has shown that an important factor in determining the and well-being of a presented community, and of the individuals within that, is the standard of contact and interaction that happens between the persons of that community.

The provision of public spaces, which usually people appreciate gathering in and employing can perform an important part in promoting and fostering human contact and interaction.

While, recreational areas, gardens and reserves perform a very significant role through this process, it is necessary to as well recognize the critical role that ideal, accessible, safe and interesting non-park places such as town squares, legal courts, malls and piazzas and footpaths can easily play.

For this notion the World Well being Organization claims in its publication " …. Designing services to encourage meeting and social conversation in areas can boost mental well being. ”

Exposure to Nature

Study undertaken simply by Deakin University (Muller ou al 2002) highlights the value to human health and wellbeing of regular quality contact with nature, or natural trends, such as trees, grass crops, birds and animals.

This is especially critical in urban and sub-urban communities, as these issues often usually are always easily accessible to people unless of course provided as public parks, home gardens and supplies.

Viewing characteristics, for example , will help people recover from stress, improves concentration and productivity and improves each of our psychological point out, particularly if were in enclosed circumstances……Wilderness and related research clearly show that staying in a environment is good for people's mental wellness.

Protection from the Environment

General public open space also has an important role in providing places that native and indigenous plants can still thrive and provide home for indigenous birds and animals. Thready open space can also work as viable creatures corridors

Environmentally friendly Transportation

Public open space, particularly thready open space, can also enjoy an important position by motivating walking and cycling as an alternative sustainable kind of transport to motor vehicles.

This will be motivated if top quality trail areas can be presented, particularly tracks that connect to the Metropolitan Trails Network and key community places. This will not only provide a even more sustainable transfer option, but will also encourage greater levels of physical activity, that may lead to community health benefits.


The meaning of public open space includes:

• Land applied as hotels and supplies and usually zoned " Open public Park and Recreation Zone, ” " Public Preservation and Source Zone, ” or " Public Use Zone. ”

• Property owned or controlled simply by State Government specialists which is available to the general public pertaining to recreational reasons.

• Community spaces near shopping center and community hubs.

• Privately owned or operated community spaces which are readily available to the community as informal gathering areas and for community activities.

The particular a Place Successful

Wonderful public spots are where celebrations happen to be held, sociable and economical exchanges take place, friends encounter each other, and cultures mix.

They are the " entrance porches” of the...

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