Essay on Psy7220-u04a1

Brittany Cleghorn

Unit four Assignment one particular

Capella University- Psyc 7220

For this course project your child I chose to investigate is Jeremiah Wilson, he could be a strong, shiny African American youngster. His mom and dad are married and belong to the center class in the economic position. His father is a Underwater who deploys overseas often, his mom works long hours and it is tough for her to aid Jeremiah with his homework and involve him in extracurricular activities which will benefit his strong athletic personality. This individual has 1 sister who is two years old. The relatives resides in an urban environment, in a safe neighborhood where children are generally playing outside. An cousin cares for bot Jeremiah wonderful sister after school hours. Jeremiah can be described as thoughtful and sort boy, even though he turns into somewhat aggressive when he gets frustrated, and loses control. After pediatrician and neurologist evaluation we have a suspicion of Attention Deficit Disorder. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity ( ADD/ ADHD), however by simply age five both experts agreed it was too early to diagnose. It really is normal for youngsters to have problems behaving and focusing occasionally, however kids with ATTENTION DEFICIT HYPERACTIVITY DISORDER do not grow out of such behaviors. Interest Deficit/ Over activity Disorder is a common childhood disorder and can continue through teenage life and adult life. Children with ADHD have a problem with inattentiveness, above activity, impulsivity, and or a mixture of these. Some symptoms of ATTENTION DEFICIT-HYPERACTIVITY DISORDER would be the inability to stay focused, difficulty handling their tendencies and over activity. The two development theories which i think will be most strongly affiliated with Jeremiah are the behaviorism theory and Piaget's intellectual development theory. These hypotheses are the majority of applicable for this case study. Behaviorism is perfect for Jeremiah because it can give me a better understanding as to the reasons he is acting out strongly. By going to an understanding of " the way the organism's physique...

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