Essay about Physical versus Logical Network Design

Physical vs . Rational Network Design and style

Bob Williams

NTC 410

Fernando Casafranca

April 11, 2006

How is your network designed? This is a simple question. But , like many things in the information technology discipline, not a query with a basic answer. The meaning of network design to a customer or perhaps user may be completely different than to an information technology professional. Also inside of the technology field, there are several definitions of network design. We utilize words Reasonable Network Design and Physical Network Design to help solve some of this kind of confusion. Throughout this paper we will define Rational and Physical Network Design and style, explain a few of the differences, and give examples of every single to help illustrate the point. Rational Network Style (sometimes called Virtual Network Design) specifies the logical parts of a network. In such a case logical means the relationship among elements and between an element and the complete in a set of objects, persons, principles, or events. (Dictionary, 2006) Logical design concentrates on the links between network systems, how they align with each other and the users. Some things that might be included in may well Network Style are: В•IP Addresses: In computer networking, a great IP address (internet protocol address) is a unique number that gadgets use in order to identify and communicate with each other on the network utilizing the Internet Process standard (IP). Any taking part network system including routers, computers, time-servers, printers, internet fax machines, and some phones В— will need to have its own one of a kind address. (Wikipedia, 2006) В•Subnets: In the Internet Process (IP), a subnetwork (or subnet) is known as a division of a classful network. Subnetting an IP network allows you to tenderize what appears (logically) to become single significant network into smaller kinds. (Wikipedia, 2006) В•Domains: A Windows Machine domain, a centrally-managed number of computers making use of the Windows operating-system....

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