Essay regarding Payroll System

Technological Feasibility

In order to make the system, the programmers should have the knowledge on Java and MS SQL. A knowledge in attaching JDBC to MS SQL to have a databases for the data needed to suggestions. A Computer through which only the director will only have access. We also need to have Java Computer software and MS SQL. Internet connection is a must to get the help of some hard coding.

Timetable Feasibility

As we planned to get our function breakdown framework, we've pointed out that time is incredibly limited for people thus producing all the activities in the essential path. Times we're distributed evenly for all of us to do just about every activity successfully. Some of the activities which consider less have less time a few of them are even carried out with other activity at the same time, again in order to complete the job in the limited amount of time. Work Breakdown Structure

By Sequential Timeline

Pert CPM

Task Name| Duration| Start| Surface finish

Picking out the proposal| 7 days| Wednesday, November 7, 2012| Wednesday, Nov 14, 2012| Choosing a Company| 7 days| Wednesday, November 7, 2012| Wednesday, Nov 14, 2012| Approval intended for service| six days| Thursday, Nov 15, 2012| Thurs night, Nov twenty two, 2012| Info Gathering| 16 days| Comes to an end, Nov 23, 2012| Fri, Dec 7, 2012| Analysis for Service| 14 days| Saturday, Dec 1, 2012| Saturday, December 15, 2012| Solution and Alternatives| 13 days| Sat, Dec one particular, 2012| Sunday, Dec 12-15, 2012| System Benefit Analysis| 7 days| Saturday, December 8, 2012| Saturday, Dec 15, 2012| Estimate Resources| 7 days| Monday, December 17, 2012| Monday, December 24, 2012| Program Coding| 28 days| Tuesday, December 25, 2012| Tuesday, January 22, 2013| Program Debugging| 14 days| Wednesday, By 23, 2013| Wednesday, February 6, 2013| Program Implementation| 14 days| Thursday, March 7, 2013| Thursday, Feb 28, 2013| Final Revision| 14 days| Friday, Drive 1, 2013| Tuesday, Drive 15, 2013