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Developed: 02/05/2014

Previous Updated: 02/05/2014

Status: DRAFT (The position would in order to finalized post the BA, PM and dev group review and sign off)

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1 . 1 . Goal

This test out plan explains the testing approach and total framework that could drive the testing of the OrangeHRM Version a few. 0 – My Facts Module. com site. The document presents: Test Strategy: rules the test depends on, such as givens with the project (e. g.: commence / end dates, goals, assumptions); information of the method to set up a legitimate test (e. g.: access / get out of criteria, creation of test cases, specific tasks to do, scheduling, data strategy). Performance Strategy: details how the test will be performed and method to identify and report defects, and to fix and put into action fixes. Test Management: procedure to handle the logistics in the test and every one of the events that come up during execution (e. g.: sales and marketing communications, escalation types of procedures, risk and mitigation, crew roster) 1 ) 2 . Project Overview

My personal Info Component is a powerful tool offering employees in the company with the ability to view relevant information such as personal information and updating personal data with an online enabled COMPUTER without having to entail the HUMAN RESOURCES department. Features of this component spans through the entire system, making information readily available anywhere, whenever. All information can be subject to company's defined security policy, exactly where he/she can simply view the information he/she is authorized to. An ESS-User can only modify certain areas in the AIN Module, maintaining the security and confidentiality of employee data 1 . three or more. Audience

Project team members carry out tasks particular in this document, and provide input and recommendations on this record. Project Manager Plans for the testing actions in the total project schedule, reviews the document, tracks the functionality of the evaluation according to the process herein particular, approves the document and is accountable for the results. The stakeholders' reps and participants (individuals since identified by the PMO Leads) may take part in the UAT test to guarantee the business is definitely aligned while using results from the test. Technical Team makes certain that the test plan and gifts are based on the design, offers the environment pertaining to testing and follows the procedures associated with the repairs of disorders. Business analysts will provide their inputs in functional adjustments. 2 . TEST STRATEGY

1 . four. Test Targets

The objective of test is to confirm that the operation of ORANGEHRM VERSION several. 0 – MY DETAILS MODULE functions according to the requirements. The test will certainly execute and verify the test scripts, recognize, fix and retest most high and medium seriousness defects per the entry criteria, prioritize lower severity defects for future fixing via CRYSTAL REPORTS. The final item of the test out is twofold:

A production-ready computer software;

A set of secure test...