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п»їTo: Ms. Kiklas ([email protected] com)

From: Eric Rivera ([email protected] com)

Subject: Carnival Pupil Tour Package Inquiry

Ms. Kiklas,

The message with regards to student package offers has caused me to deliver you a reply. We, for Carnival various other, would like to i want to thank thinking about the cruise line while an option for people students. Carnival cruises provides reached the main spot simply by appealing to more youthful customers. Sadly, Carnival has turned many changes in the recent previous: According to the editor-in-chief of Sail Week, Robert Driscoll, the partying of many high school and college students triggered many travel companies to grumble Changed plans in 1997 in relation to underage drinking and partying through the age of 18 to twenty one and required more chaperoning of school teams The problem was still being present and so Carnival mentioned that simply no persons underneath the age of twenty-one without guidance of an mature over the age of twenty-five will be allowed on the dispatch Carnival cruiselines discourage chaperoned tours

Vice president of marketing, Vicki Freed, promises, " " We can turn all of them back on the docks, and they'll not get refunds. ” Today more of a family-oriented cruise with additional fun-filled, amazing destinations that allow the guests to escape from each day troubles Carnival now draws in more than one , 000, 000 people coming from around the world annually with a 98% approval charge

Carnival will not believe that your students will be unruly and disruptive, but I am sorry to share with that as there are zero exceptions for this rule. I will not be able to assist you in your pursuit of finding a package deal at Carnival for students. You should message me personally back if you have any other inquiries or inquiries. I will be happy to help you. Really is endless you and your existing students locate another option. Carnival would be pleased to have all of you on our cruiselines as soon as these terms possess gained authorization. Thank you for knowing about it!

Safe trips,

Eric Regato