Acquainted with the night time - Brief summary Essay

Michael Midence

" Acquainted with the Night”: Robert Ice on Darkness

In Robert Frost's composition " Acquainted with the Night" Frost leaves this poem up for many interpretations. The poem starts " I've been one accustomed to the night, ” it means, quite simply, that he has met, or has its own knowledge of, the night time. It is a simple way to express something. A person would say you were accustomed to someone if you had attained them, but weren't good friends with all of them. We can go through that might be the individual is definitely restless and has a thing on his or her mind. While the loudspeaker of " Acquainted with the Night" is definitely acquainted with the night, his area are all extremely distant, and, in the composition, he is without friends or family. Since this poem could be interpreted many ways I will the actual text as being a guideline. The quantity of lines present in this poem is usually fourteen, that makes this a sonnet. " Acquainted with the Night" uses many metaphors, however in a literal sense is a simple tale to follow. The speaker tends to use basic words with complex metaphors. The vocally mimic eachother scheme of " Familiar with the Night” goes the following: The initial stanza is usually ABA, the second is BCB, the 3rd is CDC, and the previous stanza's two lines are in a DD rhyme structure. Frost also writes this poem in near best iambic pentameter. This means that every single line features 10 syllables, which are arranged so that 1 unstressed syllable is followed by a stressed syllable. The objective dark placing of this composition helps understand with a level darker theme. This composition is set through the night with darkness being lighted up by a full celestial body overhead. Darkness is indicated by the absence of eyesight. In this sonnet Frost shows that he may remain suffering from an alteration in mental status. If he was depressed or on the border of insanity is up to you. The poet during all stanzas of this poem transcends different levels and degrees of darkness he or she has experienced. As a target audience you begin to feel the pain from the poet after reading " Acquainted with the...