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Journal of International organization strategy

Week 2

Generally speaking, I think globalization is a good craze for the earth. It increases the countries' economy and technology. Globalization facilitates the connection of different nationalities. But it also risk the human's heath in certain extent. Movement of world's population distributed the infectious diseases among the list of countries. And in addition it facilitate the process of viruses' changement. In the last decade, there was innovative fatal infectious disease including SARS, H1N1 and H1N9 threaten householder's lives. At the moment, a fatal virus known as Ebola features rapidly pass on in Africa and there are not vaccine intended for preventing Ebola virus. In case the innovation of drugs cannot cope up the speed of fatal viruses' mutation, the human being has risky of annihilation in the future. Week 5

My spouse and i learnt the PEST-C research for get companies' external business environment in week 5. I quite like this because My spouse and i almost cover all the factors that impact business. When I was producing my strategy. I encountered problem. There are too many factors I can complete the each factor. It at least take myself one month to analyze PEST-C merely do the research for all elements that I consider. Later, I understand it is vital for me to pick up several elements which is relevant to my industry. Quality is more essential than amount in PEST-C analysis. Easily put the complete information which most of them happen to be unrelated to my sector, it will permit reader are not able to catch quite points.

Week 6

The concept of Amero is quite interesting. The main idea is to incorporate American and Canadian foreign currency to one common currency call " Amero”. On the perspective of Canada, I do not think it is great idea. The scale of Canada' overall economy and inhabitants is quite small compare to Usa. If two country use same foreign currency, United States probably will dominate the power of making monetary policy. Because of this, many monetary plan will be designed on behalf of...