Interview with Shieff Smith Essay

Spotsylvania County Sheriff

Howard Smith

Spotsylvania County has had sheriffs serve since the season 1916. The sheriffs which have served in Spotsylvania are as follows: •Carl A. Carner1916-1931

•M. D. Blaydes1931-1952

•L. Carl Roberts1952-1956

•B. T. Davis Jr. 1952-1972

•Ralph M. Johnson1972-1980

•T. C. Waddy Jr. 1980-1996

•Ronald T. Knight1996-2004

•Howard Deb. Smith2004-present

Each of the people that have dished up and are still providing our Region have done a fantastic job of getting Spotsylvania a safe place to live. The Spotsylvania County Sheriff's Office as being a mission affirmation that they follow, and the affirmation goes like this:

The mission of the women and men of the Spotsylvania County Sheriff's Office is dedicated in order to improving the caliber of life through a partnership with our community. We could committed to safeguarding life, house, and lowering the fear of crime. With honor and integrity all of us uphold the laws with the Commonwealth of Virginia plus the Constitution of the United States. Sheriff Smith stands at this time statement to hold Spotsylvania Region a safe County to live and raise kids in.

Howard Smith is the present sheriff to get Spotsylvania Region and continues to be since 2004. He was just re-elected on 11-6-07. Howard Smith has been a Spotsylvania County resident for over thirty four years and graduated coming from Spotsylvania Senior high school. Smith features served Spotsylvania County for about 27 years. Smith is a type of person committed to safe neighborhoods and reducing offense in our community. He continue to be expand his knowledge of criminal offense prevention and reduction through on going schooling to get the job done. Some of the different training programs he provides completed will be: •2002 Graduate of the FBI National Academy

•Completed DEA's Drug Standard Course

•Completed Chief Executive Officer Teaching with the National Center of Missing and Exploited Children Smith has accomplished a lot of good things which keeps the region...