haboob Essay

Part one particular

Diseases are derived from all over the world, as a result of globalization brand new diseases possess spread around the world. Globalization brought about new steps to methodically to preventing, identifying, and combating foreign diseases: Security



Improved sterilization and living conditions

Price of drugs

Part a couple of

Globalization can offer both opportunities and worries

Although the positive effect can cause problems, it can also possess benefits in terms of dealing with illnesses. It can bring all the countries together to look for cures pertaining to diseases. Rich countries can help poor countries with remedies.

Due to globalization many new technology have been found out, which help manage old and new complications This will reduce price of deaths and disorders over the world All these benefits are considered to be a part of globalization. These forces not simply can stop diseases, nevertheless also can increase many lives

Part 3

Globalization may be both negative and positive for us

The question is will globalization prevent disorders from the world and associated with health care of the rich countries and poor countries a similar, or does the health care of the world drop and diseases is going to spread over the earth?

Disease growing faster with globalization enhance interactions difficulty caused by globalization Globalization we are able to find answer for that or ways to treat these diseases In addition the positive effect also has helped address more mature problems Even though the benefits of public welfare has global benefits the expenses are paid for international level through foreign initiatives global health may start have a system at the foreign level The question for the future is whether the whole world could have the health regular of wealthy countries or perhaps will the soup of disorders spread through globalization overtake even the wealthy countries.