Fco Swot Analysis Article

Case study upon FCO

Subject: Strategic Technology Management MTKM 5083

Pupil name: Charles Low Khai Yen

Student ID: M061020006

Student email: charleskylow[at]gmail. com

Date: 30 July 2010

Explain the role of the government section.

• The role of a government department is to be active in foreign affairs. • A government department is to come up with and deliver foreign insurance plan and look following your country's interests abroad. • A government department of your country should be to provide companies and support its people that are in another country. • The FCO as a government department acts as an ambassador of UK in foreign countries. • The FCO is likewise involved in actions such as increasing security, guarding rainforest and raising awareness in individual trafficking with all the local community with the country they are in.

Illustrate the difference between goals and objectives. How are they linked?

• Goals are narrower plans set by a country or perhaps organization. Goals are a larger plan in comparison to goals. • When it comes to acquiring action, goals are certain actions while objectives are more generic. • Goals are measurable and tangible where as objectives may not be tangible or perhaps strictly considerable. • Goals have a shorter term time frame where as aims have an extended term time period. • Goals are certain targets while objectives happen to be about goal. • In principle desired goals are based on details and objectives are based on suggestions. • In order to achieve a target, smaller goals must be attained first.

In the FCO case study, one of the objectives of the FCO is to enhance human privileges, democracy, secret of regulation and great governance. So the goal to achieve this objective is always to manage assignments in china and tiawan to restrict the death penalty.

Analyze the relevant skills and skills required with a FCO Functional Officer.

1 . Operational Representatives need to be very good communicators together with the locals. 2 . A FCO Operational Officer should...