Essay regarding Substance Abuse: Is actually affect in Individuals, Family, Friends, and Society


Substance Abuse: How it Results Individuals, Family, Friends, and Society Rita Ludeman

PSY 369

January 19, 2014


The objective of this article is to shed light on substance abuse and its effect on persons, family, friends, and world. This examine examined trustworthy data regarding substance abuse, the effects it has in individuals, households, friends, and society. Included also are the danger and dangers associated with methamphetamines, and the challenges associated with the medicine trafficking sector worldwide. Treatment programs are available and can be good for the individual and also society. The preliminary outcomes will show how substance abuse impacts all people, businesses, and agencies involved. The conclusion can also be drawn that substance abuse and its effects are problems that, if cared for properly, as well as the correct strategies are used in controlling their supply, can be managed to some degree.

Substance abuse effects not only the individual abusing prescription drugs but also family, friends, and culture as a whole. The costs associated with drug abuse is unbelievable; these costs include amounts, court costs, the cost of treatment, court process, and expenses associated with crimes regarding drugs. Prisons are overloaded and the challenge to keep illegitimate drugs out of the prison system continues. The issues associated with substance abuse are not only in america but Worldwide. New programs and tactics to treat and fight substance abuse have to be implemented to keep up with the ever changing drug sector. Individuals who mistreatment tobacco or perhaps other addicting drugs are at a higher risk disease, injuries, imprisonment, and fatality. Some of the health problems associated with drug abuse include: dependency, impairments to brain function, cancers, Sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS, withdrawals, depression, seizures, liver, lung, and kidney problems, loss of life, and many others (" Health Risks Connected with Alcohol and Drugs", В n. d. ).

The mind can go through many influences from substance abuse, from addiction, mild stress and depression, to extensive manic and also other psychopathic responses. Severe revulsion symptoms via " physical depressants including alcohol and benzodiazepines are hyperactivity, enhanced blood pressure, disappointment and anxiety” (Center pertaining to Substance Abuse Treatment, 2005). Following withdrawing via stimulants a person will certainly feel depressed, fatigued, and withdrawn. " Any substance taken in very large quantities over a very long period can cause a psychotic state” (Center for Drug abuse Treatment, 2005).

Cancer is another health problem linked to substance abuse. Intravenous drug work with, unprotected sexual intercourse, and large drinking could cause liver damage and result in cirrhosis and cancer from the liver. Illnesses such as hepatitis C could be contributed to unprotected sex and intravenous medicine use; occasionally leading to hard working liver diseases. In line with the United Nations Business office on Medicines and Crime (UNODC) (2013) estimates that, " in 2011 a total of 14. 0 million people injected drugs worldwide, which will corresponds to 0. 31 percent of the human population aged 12-15 – 64” (Extent of health consequences of medication use: treating drug work with. para 1 ) ). People infected together with the hepatitis C virus (HCV) are high among intravenous drug users. The UNODC (2013) " estimates the global frequency of HCV among people who inject prescription drugs is fifty-one. 0 percent, meaning that several. 2 mil people who utilize drugs were living with HCV in 2011” (HIV among people who put in drugs. afin de. 2)

HIV/AIDS and Sexually transmitted diseases are common amongst drug users and be propagate through vulnerable, unguarded, isolated, exposed, unshielded, at risk sex and intravenous medicine use, the behavior known to be associated with substance abusers. UNODC (2013) quotes that of the 14. zero million individuals that inject prescription drugs, " 1 . 6 million are living with HIV; that represents a worldwide prevalence of HIV of 11. 5 percent among people who also inject drugs” (HIV when it comes to who utilize drugs. pra....

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