Essay Writing

Essay Writing

An essay contains the following:

Preliminary Paragraph – a general statement, the title in the text(s) plus the author(s), the important thing arguments briefly stated, and a thesis statement. The Body Paragraphs – a topic word which introduces the key idea of the section, a brief description of what is going on in the text, a quotation which supports your discussion, the importance of your point, a concluding word that leads in the next passage (links them together). [SEEEC] Concluding Paragraph – This is similar to the introduction, but the buy is reversed; thesis, essential ideas, general statement. Thesis Statement – An argumentative paper makes a claim about a topic and justifies this kind of claim with specific data. The claim must be an opinion, an evaluation, an model, etc . The goal of an argumentative paper is usually to convince the group (in this case the teacher) that the state is true based upon the evidence prov ided. A good thesis statement: Must be specific, should express one main thought – it may cover only what you will discuss in your newspaper and should be supported with specific data (the key ideas in short , stated) Will often appear by the end of the 1st paragraph of your paper Is never an open-ended question

Should not contain two conflicting concepts

Should evidently state your opinion (without the use of first person, " I”) The formula (which generally works):

Matter + Judgment = Thesis StatementSo……




Pets or animals

Dogs make smarter pets than cats

When it comes to animals, canines make better household pets than cats and kittens.

Movies and emotions

Titanic ignited a large number of emotions

Film production company " Titanic” ignited a large number of emotions in the audience. Gangs and identification in the text " Within the Sidewalk Bleeding” The boy lost his personal identity and was only seen as a bunch member Inside the story " On the Pavement Bleeding”, the boy manages to lose his id and is just recognized as a gang affiliate....