Debut Essay

Guests arrive


EMCEE: Very good evening to all of us. Pleasant to Mapayapa Village, Clubhouse. Welcome for the party of the charming debutant who is at this point turning into a fine lady. This is certainly quiet a very important event in her lifestyle and she's very much honor for your presence. She is right now a real female as the lady stepped upon the greater level of what we call LIFE. People, sit back as we groove, work out and enjoy her party for tonight… EMCEE: But before all of us go on, it really is my great honor to introduce almost all her unique guests pertaining to tonight. Dad- Mr. Eduardo Benitez

Mom- Mrs. Marilyn Benitez

Sister- Maybelle Benitez

Brother- Joemark Benitez

Without them, her existence would be clear and disappointed. Let us every give a big round of applause to honor all the people who she genuinely loved. Sabi nga, marami tayong mahahanap na kapuso, pero iisa lang ang ating kapamilya.

GRAND ENTRY of debutante

EMCEE: And now…. friends, friends, people, let us most stand even as we welcome the debutant as a woman of grandeur. Let's give a big round of applause Ms. Mary Anne Benitez. TOASTED BREAD IN HONOR OF THE DEBUTANTE


EMCEE: To spiritually available the program, may I inquire everybody to please symbolize the Lord's Moment pertaining to our guidance and blessings to be led by EATING

EMCEE: Now, I would like to announce that people will have each of our dinner this time. After the evening meal, the family members would like to obtain everybody to please stay for a while intended for the continuation of our system. Thank you. (after dinner)

EMCEE: Once again, a luxurious evening to one and all! It truly is my pleasure that you continue to be and let all of us rejoice for your. 18 Candles

And to signify Jane's Ring of Essential People of her Your life, let us pleasant the following individuals who will reveal their wishes and offer Band of Enlightenment which symbolizes friendship which usually binds two persons jointly, and the styles of light from your ring signifies all areas of hardship and joy to generate them deeper together....