cxjv ck Essay

Cardiovascular system

coronary heart diease is obstructing of the arteries that straight supply the cardiovascular muscle. Arteries carry o2 rich blood vessels, which almost all cells have to function. Devoid of oxygen, muscles cells perish. It is due to the organic aging process, in which the once stretchy walls with the arteries harden and become fewer flexible. Cigarette smoking, diabetes, unhealthy weight and inherited genes also contribute to heart disease.

Stroke -- A heart stroke is a human brain attack. We have arteries and veins jogging through the human brain. These ships can either become occluded due to plaques which can break free through the walls of arteries and block the vessel.


The center is surrounded by three significant coronary arteries that supply it with blood and air. If a blood vessels clot develops in one of these arteries, blood supply to that particular area of the cardiovascular muscle will stop.


A mass, just like an air bubble, a detached blood vessels clot, that travels throughout the bloodstream and lodges so as to obstruct or occlude a blood boat.

Varicose problematic veins

Varicose veins will be enlarged and distended problematic veins. They can arise anywhere in your body, but are particularly common inside the pelvis and legs. Poor or ruined valves in the veins can cause varicose problematic veins

High blood pressure

The pressure in the blood vessels depends on how hard the heart sends, and how much the arteries resist. Small narrowing from the arteries will then increase the resistance from blood flow, increasing the blood pressure

Low stress

is the power that your blood dons the walls of your arteries because it's driven around your system by your center. This is afflicted with the strength which your heart pumps, as well as the size and flexibility of your arterial blood vessels that take the blood.


asthma is known as a lung disorder that causes narrowing and infection of the air passage. it could be caused by emotions/immune response.

Chronic bronchitis is a worsening, of the airways in the lungs. Airways are the...